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Government Agencies
Solving the World's Most Pressing Societal Needs

Government agencies represent one of the biggest drivers of research and development. Over the years, the technology programs they have supported have enabled humans to travel to the moon, led to the creation of the Internet and help drive major advancements in healthcare. They also set new standards in big areas like energy and the environment that have helped to spark new advances in clean power and efficiency.   

We work with a myriad of agencies from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA) to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that cross multiple industry sectors and interests. We're also involved in an array of government-led manufacturing initiatives that are pushing new advances in areas like 3D printing, photonics and flexible electronics.   In GE Research, these agencies have a trusted partner that shares many of these common goals and interests and can bring the technical and industry know-how to help them push society forward on so many fronts.

Today, we have a wide portfolio of projects that are helping to make new advances in everything from the promotion of cleaner, more efficient and reliable power to exploring new medical technologies that could lead to new and better ways to treat disease and provide better care for patients. In the evolving digital technology space, we're partnered with government agencies in driving new solutions in the cyber protection of critical assets and with the emerging applications in artificial intelligence (AI).  

Like government, we're committed to creating and growing new industries and delivering new solutions that create jobs, stimulate economic growth and solve the world's most pressing societal needs. Working together, we can share in the risks and rewards that come with developing new ideas with high potential. It's that willingness to invest and partner together that is key to being successful.  


Partnering with GE Research

GE Research has a long-standing history of partnering with government agencies in areas where we share common technology interests and goals. In Energy, we're pushing advances in clean energy to differentiate GE's products and contribute to the goal of a more sustainable planet. In Healthcare, we're committed to driving new medical advances that lead to new ways to diagnose, monitor and treat disease that contributes to a healthier world. And we're inspired by the opportunity to apply our depth and breadth of interdisciplinary teams to help agencies tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges in areas like cyber protection, defense and security. 

We’re proud to have GE Research as a major industry partner in our mission to build a robust flexible hybrid electronics manufacturing infrastructure in the US. The GE team brings a unique depth of research capabilities and broad industry experience that not only is helping to achieve key technical milestones, it’s opening pathways to real commercial applications and future growth opportunities.

-Malcolm Thompson
Executive Director, NextFlex
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