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Seeing, Moving and Creating GE's Future

GE Research was the first industrial research lab established in the United States in 1900, and to this day we remain the innovation engine turning research into reality for GE’s industrial businesses.

From our early days delivering technologies that enabled the advent of radio, TV, the modern electrical grid, transportation and commercial flight to delivering differentiating, breakthrough products and business models like the Reservoir energy storage platform and Avitas Industrial Inspection business, we are the company’s compass for seeing, moving and creating the future of GE.

Our deep and longstanding research relationship with GE’s businesses in major sectors such as aviation, energy and healthcare, provides us with a truly unique innovation platform and view of the world. It has enabled us to build one of the world’s best, most capable interdisciplinary research organizations on the planet.

Partnering with GE Research

GE Research is the innovation powerhouse for GE's businesses, turning technology breakthroughs into commercial successes for more than a century. The businesses tap our strong interdisciplinary teams to solve their toughest problems and create differentiated technologies that deliver winning products in the marketplace.  We bring a depth and breadth of technical capabilities that no one business possesses, and we use our visibility across multiple industry sectors to find common technology threads that we can bring to any one or more businesses. We are the company's compass for seeing, moving and creating a better future. 

GE Research represents the center of what technology can do for the company.

-David Joyce
GE Vice Chair and President and CEO of GE Aviation
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We are a world-class team of 1,000+ scientific, engineering and marketing minds (600+ Ph.Ds.), working at the intersection of physics and markets, physical and digital technologies, and across a broad set of industries to deliver world-changing innovations and capabilities for our customers.

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