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Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

The Robotics team at GE Research has deep expertise from many technical disciplines at its fingertips - from advanced controls to propulsion, material science to machine learning, non-destructive testing to advanced software engineering and compute. Typical robotics technology missions include engineers and scientists from these research teams providing capability very few individual organizations can bring to the table.

We envision a world where service robots work with and for us, shoulder-to-shoulder and over long distances, to address dull, dirty and dangerous work.  Intelligent industrial service robots are the next great industrial tool – a tool that will amplify our capabilities and allow us to safely operate faster, in places humans could never go, and with cognitive and physical capabilities we never imagined.

We deliver industrial-grade service robotic systems that enable automation, productivity and safety for GE and our customers. We work closely with GE business units, GE customers and strategic partners across the globe to envision, shape and build intelligent robotic technologies from idea to commercialization. We focus on applying our world-class robotics and AI expertise to applications including confined space inspection and repair, remote visual inspection, autonomous field operations, and autonomous aerial and ground systems.

Our systems are being built on our platform allowing for speed, scale and leverage across platforms. While lab-level development and testing is critical, we live in the real world and pride ourselves on proving our technology in the field, be it a refinery, power plant or hospital.

The value proposition of robotics ties tightly to productivity in field service and manufacturing and brings potential cost savings into those operations. Robotics also presents new growth opportunities across GE as we look to bring new inspection, maintenance and repair services to our customers. In addition, a service robot presents a new and rich data source for our Digital Twins, filling in blind spots of existing data sets.

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    Capabilities utilized for Robotics & Autonomous Systems

  • Electromechanical Systems

    Creating robotic platforms of all types from the initial concept sketches through to the design and development of hardware solutions

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  • Autonomy

    Developing intelligent robotic systems by integrating robot perception, learning, and motion planning

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