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Digital Solutions

One of the most exciting aspects of our digital era is the pervasiveness of its impact on the world. Whether it’s embedded within an asset or living in the cloud, transforming data into insights, intelligence and outcomes is the power of digital. Combine that with our deep domain expertise and access to industrial assets and ecosystems, and the power becomes transformative.

Only GE Research has the network to approach your needs from every angle, providing digital solutions on the edge or across a network of assets. Do you have a custom analytical or big data need? Challenge us with your problem and we’ll bring you real results.

It all starts with your assets…

Development of customer specific digital solutions for industrial assets.

  • Digital Ghost: Real-Time, Active Cyber Defense image

    Digital Ghost: Real-Time, Active Cyber Defense

    Resiliency and cybersecurity for critical infrastructure control systems.

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  • Digital Twin Creation image

    Digital Twin Creation

    A Digital Twin is a digital model of an industrial asset like a jet engine or a wind turbine.

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It all starts with your big data…

Use of advanced analytic techniques to gain insight information of complex processes to enable faster and better decisions.

  • Industrial Ecosystems image

    Industrial Ecosystems

    “See the Future” of an entire industry landscape, understand the interdependencies, and position innovation.

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