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A vision for a world immune to disease

The convergence of digital technologies with physics and biology is transforming the quality and accessibility of healthcare around the world.  At GE Research, our interdisciplinary teams are bringing all three pieces together in unique and powerful ways to explore new fields and drive new breakthroughs.

We are focused on the emerging field of bioelectronic medicine which requires a deep understanding of electrical signals in the human body to enable better treatments for chronic diseases such as diabetes. We’re combining more than 100 years of knowledge in generating and regulating electricity from our Power business with our deep experience in biology to advance biolelectronics research.  We’re also translating our experience in automation and cellular analysis to standardize and scale up the production of therapeutic cells for engineered T-cells and other cell-based therapies.

With many world-first discoveries in X-Ray, MRI, CT and Ultrasound imaging, we’re driving the next set of healthcare innovations that will enable faster, better images with deeper levels of analysis to help doctors improve patient care and outcomes.  At GE Research, we are using the power of our interdisciplinary model to develop technologies and tools to facilitate treatments for diseases and enhance access to treatment modalities for people around the world.

  • 5G Warehouse

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  • 5G Applications

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  • Multi-gas sensors based on dielectric excitation

    GE Research's multi-gas sensors share the mathematical principles of traditional analytical instruments without their large power, size, and cost limitations.

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  • Soteria

    Keeping workers safe through analytics derived from sensor data fusion & aggregation and delivered through pervasive connectivity & real-time visualization

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  • Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) for Lung Monitoring

    GE's non-invasive SMS-EIT prototype system provides higher signal-to-noise ratio and greater sensitivity to continuously image pulmonary perfusion and ventilation.

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  • Electronics & Sensing Commercial Solutions

    Let us put our expertise to work for you in areas that include semiconductors, microelectronics, MEMS, photonics, microsystems, microfluidics and advanced packaging.

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  • Material Characterization

    Throughout the past 100+ years, the Material Characterization team has applied their historical expertise to tackle the world’s toughest material challenges.

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  • MEMS & Semiconductor Test Solution Services

    MEMS prototype performance and power semiconductor device reliability testing.

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  • Industrial Ecosystems

    “See the Future” of an entire industry landscape, understand the interdependencies, and position innovation.

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  • Research as a Service

    Our multidisciplinary research engine that has powered GE for over 100 years is now available to tackle your toughest challenges.

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  • Related Technologies

    Technology domains utilized for this sector

  • Digital Technologies

    Delivering business value with foundational systems and applications that digitally manage critical business data and operations

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  • Edge Computing

    Pushing data collection and advanced computational analytics to enable real-time critical applications for fast decision making

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  • Software & Analytics

    Harnessing the power of computing, data and analytics to enable optimization of industrial assets

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  • Mechanics & Design

    Driving innovation in mechanical technology to improve durability, affordability, efficiency, and power density of industrial products and services

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  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems

    Envisioning a world where service robots work with and for us, shoulder-to-shoulder and over long distances, to drive new levels of productivity and safety across industries

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  • Thermosciences

    Inventing breakthrough aerodynamic, thermal management and combustion solutions for improved performance, reliability, cost, and environmental impact

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  • Materials

    Delivering advanced, disruptive material solutions to drive performance, cost and durability across diverse product lines

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  • Controls & Optimization

    Leveraging controls, estimation, optimization, operations research, and risk management to improve customer outcomes

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  • Biology & Applied Physics

    Building creative tools and imaging solutions to shape the future of healthcare, biomanufacturing, biotechnology and adjacent industries

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  • Electric Power

    Pushing the boundaries of electrical technology while accelerating the electrification of products around the world

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  • Electronics & Sensing

    Developing breakthrough electronics and sensing solutions with a focus on extreme integration across technologies, form factors and harsh environments

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  • Artificial Intelligence

    Enabling the smart Industrial Internet by connecting minds and industrial machines to create intelligent and user-friendly products

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Experience in Other Sectors
  • Aerospace image

    Discover how GE Research is taking air travel from the stratosphere to outer space. Learn about our latest advances in aerospace engineering and science.

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  • Power & Energy image
    Power & Energy

    Today, GE researchers are on the front lines of defining a new chapter in energy that is more diverse, more distributed and more digitized in how it is managed.

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  • Transportation image

    Discover how GE is leading the digitization of rail transport, bringing digital horsepower to increase the speed and efficiency of trains on the railways.

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  • Advanced Manufacturing image
    Advanced Manufacturing

    The next great leap in advanced manufacturing technology is being driven by the power of advanced materials, 3D printing, automation and artificial intelligence.

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  • Defense & Security image
    Defense & Security

    We apply our vast experience in advanced materials, complex turbomachinery and advanced cyber protections to advance critical military infrastructure and systems.

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  • Custom Solutions image
    Custom Solutions

    GE Research scientists innovate at the intersection of domain expertise and industry experience.

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  • Power & Energy - Cloned image
    Power & Energy - Cloned

    Today, GE researchers are on the front lines of defining a new chapter in energy that is more diverse, more distributed and more digitized in how it is managed.

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