Biology & Applied Physics

Biology & Applied Physics

In 1913, GE Research Physicist and Engineer, William Coolidge, filed a patent on the Coolidge Tube, a specialized vacuum tube that produced x-rays which were so well controlled and stable that his tube design would go on to revolutionize the field of radiology. Since then, we have many similar examples where our researchers have invented new technologies and solutions that have provided deep insights about health and disease at multiple scales, inside and outside the body.

Fast forward 105 years, and we continue to build on his and others' research legacies. Today, our expertise spans MRI, CT, ultrasound, contrast agents, genomic tools, cell therapy industrialization, industrial biology, single cell analysis and forensics. Our synergies with experts across the research center extend this further into data analytics, visualization and software, bringing value and meaning to the technologies we develop. To ensure rigor and relevance, we work collaboratively with academic collaborators and clinical centers of excellence across the US and globally to first understand, and then translate, their biomedical needs to early technology prototypes, and ultimately application testing. We extend our imaging and analytic expertise outside of healthcare applications to other novel industrial applications including aviation, inspection and additive manufacturing. Simply put, we provide the brains of biomedical research to get to the heart of outcomes that matter. 





  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Biology & Applied Physics

  • Electromagnetics & Superconductivity

    From creation and manipulation of electromagnetic fields to the design, modeling and use of superconducting and electromagnetic materials

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  • Ultrasound Imaging

    The physics of ultrasound signal generation,  propagation and detection

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  • Biomedical Engineering

    The intersection of human physiology, electronics, chemistry and optics

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  • Biosciences

    Working from the molecular scale through human health and disease, building novel technology solutions for genomic, protein, cell analysis and imaging applications

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  • Radiation Imaging

    Redefining what's possible in X-ray, CT and PET imaging to create innovative solutions for healthcare and industrial inspection

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  • Magnetic Resonance Physics

    Magnetic resonance physics and systems science for image formation and controlling spin physics response with specialized hardware

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