Edge Computing

Edge Computing

The Edge Computing technology domain is focused on pushing data collection and compute capability closer to the edge of the network, creating secure, increasingly autonomous software-defined machines and solutions.  This revolutionizes a host of industrial machines and applications in aviation, energy, healthcare, transportation and beyond, always, providing for security and safety.

The team has built a new operating system to run Edge applications and enable real-time control of major industrial assets, while also connecting them securely to the Cloud. The decisions enabled by these applications will deliver outcomes that bring increased revenue, efficiency and reliability for products and systems across multiple industries. The operating system can both relay and process new insights from digital twins within a given industrial system to continuously monitor and improve operations and can relay and securely process insights from the Cloud to improve Apps being run at the Edge. 

Within the Edge Computing domain, we combine the skill sets of embedded computing, cybersecurity, networking, verification and validation into one team to deliver needed technologies and solutions. The required level of autonomy, available bandwidth, latency/jitter constraints, and regulatory requirements around privacy and security are all key considerations when building new applications.

Overall, the team is highly diverse, with engineers and researchers holding advanced degrees in electromechanical systems, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, cryptography, computer engineering and computer science. While bringing distinct skill sets, they all share extensive real-world experience and a passion for supporting the Cambrian explosion of Edge Computing within the major industrial ecosystems that build, move and power the world.

  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Edge Computing

  • High Assurance Systems

    Enabling the design, development, and verification of safety critical infrastructure

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  • Embedded Computing

    Integrating computation with physical processes to create the joint optimization of algorithms, software and hardware

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  • Cybersecurity

    Building an industrial immune system to protect the critical infrastructure that moves and powers the world

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