The Thermosciences organization invents breakthrough aerodynamic, thermal management and combustion solutions for improved performance, reliability, cost, and environmental impact of a wide range of industrial products. The team has enabled low cost emissions solutions in large reciprocating diesel engines, eliminated some combustion dynamics issues in gas turbines, developed technologies for improved stall margin, turbine aero efficiency and reduced noise signature and delivered novel heat exchange and energy management solutions for healthcare and aviation products. With the use of state-of-the-art data analytics and digital solutions, we have delivered innovation that increases customer value and enables competitive growth in core and disruptive markets.

Our toolkit includes the expertise of over 100 research engineers (most of whom have PhD’s) that collectively represent over 1,000 years of thermal, aerodynamic and combustion research and development experience. Layered on top of this is a high-performance compute facility that includes a High Performance Computing cluster along with the availability of in-house high-fidelity modeling tools that have been honed and validated with product data over decades. Finally, our testing facilities are uniquely designed to enable experimental investigations that help explain those physical phenomena and attributes that are critical to maximizing product performance and maximizing customer value.


A sampling of Thermosciences projects
A sampling of Thermosciences projects.


  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Thermosciences

  • Advanced Modeling & Simulation

    Developing advanced simulation techniques and models to enable design by numerical analysis

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  • Aerodynamics Solutions

    Developing advanced technologies for improved aerodynamic, aeromechanical, aerothermal, and aeroacoustics for high performance products

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  • Combustion & Propulsion

    Developing high performance solutions for engine applications including dynamics suppression, emissions controls and fuel efficiency

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  • Component Heat Transfer

    Developing innovative aerothermal solutions for gas turbine hot gas path components and cooling technologies for propulsion systems and turbomachinery

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  • Thermal Management & Systems

    Designing and validating novel energy/thermal management systems such as heat pipes, heat exchangers and novel air movers through modeling, simulation, and testing

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