Controls & Optimization

Controls & Optimization

The Controls and Optimization technology domain leverages controls, estimation, optimization, operations research, and risk management to improve customer outcomes.  The team provides digital solutions to optimize asset and system performance, operation, cyber-physical security and management.

The team consists of more than 80 engineers and scientists specializing in model-based controls, real-time non-linear optimization, estimation, human factors, applied mathematics and their interaction with industrial engineering, operation research, management science, modeling and simulation capability for discrete events systems, physics-based systems models, agent and dynamic simulation, decision science based on mathematical and heuristic optimization, risk technology based on statistical modeling, quantitative finance, big data analytics and risk management.


Capabilities and example projects of the Controls and Optimization team
Capabilities and example projects of the Controls & Optimization team.


  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Controls & Optimization

  • Business & Risk Analytics

    Developing advanced business analytics to model and control financial risks, improve performance, and gain key business insights

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  • Enterprise Optimization

    Optimizing design, operation, and supply chain decisions for assets and complex business systems

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  • Real-Time Optimization

    Combining asset Digital Twins, market data, and optimization algorithms to create supervisory control algorithms that maximize business outcomes

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  • Statistical Signal Processing

    The science of processing sensor data informed by physics and signal statistics to detect events, estimate parameters, and enable informed asset decisions

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  • Model-Based Controls

    Developing advanced multi-variable model-based controls algorithms that leverage online models to provide stability and improve transient performance and operability

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  • Estimation & Modeling

    Developing estimation algorithms and models for real-time use

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