Detectors Research Facility

Detectors Research Facility

The GE Research Detectors Facility develops radiation detection solutions designed to achieve world-class system performance, cost and reliability in a variety of defense, security and commercial applications. Working in cross-functional teams, our detector experts design and build radiation detector subsystems and integrated solutions that have enabled breakthroughs in commercial medical imaging products such as Signa PET/MR (SiPM based TOF PET detector), Discovery MI PET/CT, Revolution CT, and CZT-based preclinical SPECT systems.

Medical imaging
We develop radiation detectors that are used in cutting edge medical imaging products.

Our engineers and scientists have also demonstrated large-area (>1mm²) silicon carbide UV solid-state photomultipliers (SiC-SSPM) with single-photon detection capability and operating temperatures above 200°C. SiC-SSPMs enable high-temperature downhole radiation detection with improved performance and reliability, UV communications and chemical and biological detection.

detector chip
Large-area SiC solid-state photo-multiplier.

Homeland security is another area of interest for the Detectors Lab. By combining video tracking and Compton cameras and conventional detectors, our teams have developed motion-compensated radiation imaging that can rapidly and accurately locate moving radiation sources and discriminate between threats from non-threats.

Radiation detection system
Multi-sensor fusion prototype for homeland security applications.

A combination of extensive expertise in radiation physics and Monte Carlo simulation and high-end laboratory equipment and facilities (including up to 2.5 GHz and 40 GS/s digital and analog oscilloscopes, broad range of radioactive sources and approved facilities for their use, fast pulsed laser sources for characterization of SSPMs, temperature-controlled test equipment, etc.) enable our scientists and engineers to demonstrate fundamental advances in detectors technologies and integrate them into prototypes for real-life performance evaluation and commercial systems.

R&D Facilities
R&D Facilities

GE leverages its multidisciplinary core capabilities to design and develop advanced solutions to complex, challenging problems.

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