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Physical Metallurgy

Physical Metallurgy

Metals are everywhere - from the cell phone in your pocket to a jet engine flying at 30,000 feet.  The scientists and engineers working on the Materials team at GE Research understand how these materials work from the atomic level all the way to their final application.  We have developed alloys for aircraft engines, gas turbines, medical imaging equipment, nuclear power, microelectronics, oil and gas production, and other areas spanning many different metals and manufacturing methods.  Our team has deep domain knowledge from decades of innovative research across a wide range of alloy families, including titanium, nickel, steel, aluminum, refractory metals, and emerging high entropy alloys. 

Equally important, GE Research has the materials expertise and facilities to explore established processing methods, such as forging, casting, powder metallurgy, and electroforming, as well as newer approaches in additive manufacturing. The combination of alloy chemistry and manufacturing process dictates performance in service.  Working with our world-class characterization and testing teams, we constantly probe the microstructure and properties of our alloys to understand and optimize this complex relationship.  We also leverage the latest computational tools and high performance computing simulations to help direct and accelerate our experimental efforts.  In the end, our mission is to deliver the most robust and economical alloys for our customers.           

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