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Optical Materials

Optical Materials

GE Research has a strong tradition of innovation around optical/electro-optical material research, playing leading roles in the development of the first visible LEDs, semiconductor lasers, fluorescent lamps and ceramic scintillators for medical imaging.  Understanding the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and materials through absorption, refection and transmission/refraction as well as potential subsequent processes such as energy migration, down conversion and luminescence are critical to maximizing device performance. We have an interdisciplinary team of optical material experts with vast experience in new material synthesis and expertise in processing and characterization to trouble shoot and optimize material performance for various applications such as phosphors, scintillators and OLEDs.

Walking through your local electronics store, you would likely find that more than 25% of all LCD backlight displays like TVs, CPU monitors, cell phones and tablets contain technology developed at GE Research.  Our LED Phosphors team has world class chemistry and physics expertise as well characterization capabilities that have resulted in commercial successes in both lighting and LCD display technologies.  Multi-million dollar yearly revenues, multiple awards, hundreds of patents, more than 20 licensees of our patents, along with various publications and invited conference presentations show that this team is on the cutting edge of luminescent material development and can go from concept to invention to commercialization. 


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GE’s RadiantRed™ phosphor technology improves the color quality (gamut) and efficiency (lumens per watt) of LCD display products


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