Why Science? Souvik Math

Why Science? Souvik Math

The researchers, engineers, and technologists at GRC who help see, move, and create the future come from varying backgrounds with varying experiences. While no two paths are the same, there is one common thread – a love for science. Why Science? explores where our employees’ paths began – when and how their love for science was born. For some it may have been a favorite teacher or a gifted science kit; for others science may run in the family. The stories told will be fun, insightful, and may even inspire the next generation of scientists!

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This Why Science? features Souvik Math, a senior engineer who works in GE Research’s Mechanics and Design Lab. Souvik is based at the John F. Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) in Bengaluru and specializes in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of mechanical components to increase market competitiveness. His area of expertise is tribology and contact mechanics, and he works closely with GE’s Renewable Energy and Aviation businesses to design components, estimate life and efficiency of parts, and establish protocols for rig simulation. He also leverages lab test insights to understand performance and failure of components in field.

Hey Souvik… Why Science?
In my childhood, scientists to me were people in white aprons who mixed colorful chemicals in labs and created magical solutions. I used to think they had solutions for everything. It gave me goosebumps. As I grew, I started understanding differences between belief and truth. It’s difficult to defend beliefs and faiths unless we substantiate them with facts, logic, and data. I felt that truth is the only beauty in Earth and the way to reach the truth is by asking more and more questions. This is the fundamental step of science. The more I grew, the more I learned about inventions and my attraction towards science grew stronger. With time I became more inquisitive about all different phenomenon and the available scientific information to help me dive deep. In the last 20 to 30 years, as a human race, we have accomplished so much… I feel absolutely happy to be part of a community that is working towards making imagination come to reality.”

"I feel absolutely happy to be part of a community that is working towards making imagination come to reality.”
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