The General Section

To display or edit general parameters listed below, select General. To modify the values, enter new values in the appropriate fields and then select the Update button at the bottom of the page to apply the changes. Until you select the Update button, entering a new value changes the display of the field name to blue.

DescriptionThe tag description of the selected tag.
EGU Description The engineering units, if any, assigned to the selected tag.
CommentComments, if any, that apply to the selected tag.
StepValue This tag property is used to indicate that the actual measured value changes in a sharp step instead of a smooth linear interpolation. This option should only be selected for numeric data. Enabling this option only affects data retrieval; it has no effect on data collection or storage.
Spare Configuration The Spare 1 through Spare 5 fields list any configuration information stored in these fields.
Note: Do not add or update the following spare configurations as the data may get corrupted or over written:
  • The Spare 1 field for OSI PI Distributor. OSI PI distributor reads data from the Historian tag displayed in the Tag Source Address field and sends it to the OSI PI tag name displayed in the Spare 1 field.
  • The Spare 5 field for Server to Server Collector and Server to Server Distributor as it is only used for internal purposes.