User Defined Data Types

Historian provides you the ability to create user defined data types that include one or more fields and then apply that type to Historian tags. The following sections describe how to work with user defined types:
  • Create a User Defined Type
  • Add Fields to a User Defined Type
  • Modify and Delete Fields in a User Defined Type
  • Modify a User Defined Type
  • Delete a User Defined Type
  • Create a User Defined Type with Multiple Fields
  • Set a Source Address
  • View the Last 10 Values of a MultiField Tag
  • View the Trend of a MultiField Tag
  • Associate a Tag with a User Defined Type
  • Remove a Type from a Tag
When working with User Defined Types, be aware of the following.
  • You need to have appropriate security permissions to create, modify, and delete a user defined type.The type can have its own Administrator security group. For more information on the security rights, refer to the Implementing Historian Security section for the definition of the various security levels and groups.
  • You cannot create an array tag that uses a user defined type.
  • User Defined Types cannot have fields of Scaled or FixedString data types.
  • Scaling, Collector Compression, and Archive Compression does not apply to tags of MultiField data type.
  • You cannot associate an Enumerated set with a field in a MultiField tag.
  • A MultiField tag supports a maximum of 100 fields.