Simulation Data Collector

The Simulation Collector generates random numbers and string patterns for demonstration purposes. It contains a user-defined number of tags. You can configure the number of tags in the Collector Maintenance page of Historian Administrator or during installation.

The Simulation Collector generates random scaled values between 0 and 32,767. It uses the Engineering Units Hi and Lo values configured for each tag to scale the 0 to 32,767 pre-set values into appropriate engineering units. The default is 0 to 200,000.

The Simulation Collector also provides five string-simulation tags that generate random alphanumeric data. The Simulation Collector supports browsing and can automatically add tags in the same manner as the iFIX and OPC Collectors through the Add Tags from Collector window.
Note: You can create more simulation string tags by manually adding string tags with the CollectorName.Simulation.StringXXXX naming convention to the Simulation Collector.

Summary of Simulation Collector Features

Browse Source For TagsYes
Browse Source For Tag AttributesYes
Polled CollectionYes
Minimum Poll Interval100 ms
Unsolicited CollectionNo
Timestamp Resolution1 ms
Accept Device TimestampsNo
Floating Point DataYes
Integer DataYes
String DataYes
Binary DataNo
Python Expression TagsYes