Configure Data Stores

A data store is logical collection of tags used to store, organize, and manage tags according to the data source and storage requirements. A data store can have multiple archive files (*.IHA), and includes both logical and physical storage definitions.

Tags can be segregated into separate archives through the use of data stores. The primary use of data stores is to segregate tags by data collection intervals. For example, you can put a name plate or static tags where the value rarely changes into one data store, and your process tags into another data store. This can improve query performance.

Historian Data stores are stored archive files that contain data gathered from all data sources during a specific period of time. You can write and read data from the archives available under the data stores. Using data stores, you can store, organize, and manage tags according to the data source and storage requirements.

You can define two types of data stores:
  • Historical Data Store: Tags stored under historical data store will store data as long as disk space is available. Depending on your license, you may be able to create multiple historical data stores. The maximum number of Historical data stores supported depends on the license.
  • SCADA Buffer Data Store: Tags stored under the SCADA buffer data store will store data for a specific duration of time based on license.
When you install Historian 6.0 or greater, two historical data stores are installed by default.
  • System: Stores Historian messages and performance tags. This is only for internal usage within Historian, and you cannot add tags to this data store. You cannot rename or delete the System data store.
  • User: Stores the data for the tags. This is a default data store. You can rename and delete a user data store as long as there is another default data store set for tag addition.
Based on your license, a SCADA Buffer data store may also be installed.
  • SCADA Buffer: Stores short term tags and data in a SCADA Historian data store.