Overview of the Server-to-Server Distributor

The Historian Server-to-Server distributor is used to send data from a smaller Historian server to a larger, centralized Historian server. You can then use this data for reporting and analytics.

You can use either the Server-to-Server collector or the Server-to-Server distributor to send data to a central Historian. However, using the Server-to-Server distributor has the following advantages:
  • It simplifies the process of configuring tags at the destination Historian.
  • It provides more flexibility at the SCADA level for tag configuration compared to the Server-to-Server collector.
  • It allows you to manage tags both from the source and destination Historian servers, whereas the Server-to-Server collector allows you to manage tags only from the destination Historian server.
Feature Capability
Browse Source for Tags Yes
Browse Source for Tag Attributes Yes
Polled Collection No
Minimum Poll Interval No
Unsolicited Collection Yes
Timestamp Resolution Yes - 100 milliseconds
Data Compression Yes
Accept Device Timestamps Yes
Floating Data Point Yes
Integer Data Yes
String Data Yes
Binary Data No
Allows VB scripting No
Python Expression Tags No


  • The Server-to-Server distributor forwards only raw data samples, messages, and alarms. It does not perform any calculations on the data.