About Historian Advanced Topics

The intended audience for this content is a user with a high level of computing and technical skills, specifically with Microsoft Windows and associated networking products. It is also assumed that the user will have prior experience working with the Historian product.

This Help describes advanced content on the typical flow of data in a Historian system. It also describes advanced functions which you can run at the command line for data stores.

  • Data Input: describes the time up until the data is sent over the network to the archiver.
  • Storage: covers the time the archiver receives it until it is requested.
  • Retrieval: covers the whole round trip from the client to the archiver and back with the requested data.

Because Historian can store and retrieve data, comments, and messages, the input, storage, and retrieval of each is discussed.

Buffering applies to both input and storage and is mentioned in those sections.

There are additional software tools introduced in this document that do not ship with the product.

Contact your technical support agent about such tools, should you require them.