Configure Tags

To display the Tag Maintenance page, select the Tags link in any of Historian Administrator pages. The Tag Maintenance page lets you read and modify all tag parameters for the Historian system.

To access information on a specific tag or group of tags, however, you must first search for the tags. You can search for the tags in the Historian Tag Database by selecting the Search Historian Tag Database link. You can also add tags manually or automatically from the collector by selecting the appropriate link in the second line of the display.

Note: There is no limit to length of Historian tag names in the Data Archiver. However, different client applications may have their own limits.

If you add a tag with a tag name greater than 25 characters in length, the characters beyond 25 are not visible in the Tags list on Historian Administrator Tag Maintenance page. To see the entire tag name, place the mouse cursor over the tag to see a ToolTip that displays the full tag name.