Array Tags

Historian allows you to store a set of values with a single timestamp and single quality and then read the elements back individually or as an array. In Historian, a tag can be modified to an array tag by selecting the Is Array Tag property.

When using Array tags, be aware of the following:
  • The size of the array tag does not need to be configured. The Data Archiver will store the number of elements that were written.
  • The maximum number of elements that an array tag can store is 10,000. If this limit is exceeded, Historian does not accept any further elements.
  • If you are retrieving the data of an array tag using a previous version of Historian Client, then the array tag will be displayed as a Blob data type.
  • You cannot associate an Enumerated Set to an array tag.
  • Fixed String and Scaled data types are not supported.
  • You cannot make an array of a User Defined Type.
  • Scaling, Collector Compression, and Archive Compression does not apply to array tags.
  • An array element cannot be used as a Calculation Trigger.
  • Trend data is not supported for array tags.
  • TagStats calculation mode is not supported.