Creating and Deleting Enumerated Data Sets

About this task

An Enumerated Data Set provides an enhanced way of displaying data. It enables you to retrieve numeric data as string state values. The string values can be used in reports or displays.

An Enumerated Data Set contains several states with a set of numeric values and their string display values. You can define enumerated state values such as 0=Manual, 1=Automatic, or 0-100=ON, 101-200=OFF and associate these sets with a tag to retrieve data accordingly.

A Set contains multiple enumerated state values. You can create multiple sets and associate them with multiple tags.

Note: Assigning Enumerated Data Sets to Array tags is not supported.


  1. To create a Set:
    1. In the Tag Maintenance page, select Tags > Define Enumerated Set.
      The Define Enumerated Set window appears.
    2. Select Create New Set button or right-select in the Set list box and select Create New Set.
      The Set Information section is enabled.
    3. In the Set Name field, enter the name of the set.
    4. In the Description field, enter the description for the set.
    5. Select Single Value or Range as the desired enumeration method. The options in the State section change according to the selection made.
      Select the Single Value option to define a single value for the State. Single value is best used with integer values because they match exactly. Select the Range option to define a range of values for the State. Range value can be used with floating point values because they may not match exactly due to rounding.
    6. Select New State and add a new state.
    7. Select Save Set.
      The following message appears indicating that the save was successful: Your set has been successfully saved to the Data Archiver.
  2. To delete a Set:
    1. Right-select the set you wish to delete and select Delete Selected Set.
  3. To modify a Set:
    1. Select the set that you wish to modify.
    2. Change values as desired.
      You can modify a set's Description and States. You cannot modify the Name of a set. If you do so, the existing name will be overwritten and it is considered a new set.
    3. Select Save Set.