About the OSI PI Distributor

The Historian OSI PI Distributor gathers data from Historian, and writes it to an OSI PI data server. Data can be written directly to the OSI PI Data Archive v3.2 or greater, via the OSI PI v 1.3.4 or greater. Typically, the distributor is installed on the Historian server, distributing data to a remote OSI PI Data archive.

The OSI PI Distributor uses unsolicited distribution, whereby changes in Historian tags values are detected, and are forwarded to a remote OSI PI data server. The distributor is intended to duplicate data from an Historian archive to an OSI PI data archive.

One OSI PI Distributor can distribute data to a single OSI PI data archive. To distribute to multiple OSI PI archives from an Historian archive, you need to configure multiple OSI PI distributors. You can also configure multiple OSI PI distributors to a single OSI PI data archive.
Note: The OSI PI Distributor can only write data to PI Archive. It cannot write data to PI Snapshot.

OSI PI Distributor Features

Browse Source For TagsYes
Browse Source For Tag AttributesYes
Polled CollectionNo
Minimum Poll IntervalN/A
Unsolicited CollectionYes
Time stamp Resolutionmilliseconds or seconds
Accept Device Time stampsYes
Floating Point DataYes
Integer DataYes
String DataYes
Binary DataNo
Array DataNo
Collector Status OutputsYes