Calculation Tab

Note: The Calculation section applies only to Calculation and Server-to-Server tags. The Calculation section is disabled for array tags.

To display calculation parameters, select Calculation.

The page shown in the following figure appears.

To modify the calculation formula, enter new values in the appropriate fields and then select Update at the bottom of the page to apply the changes. Until you select the Update button, entering a new value changes the display of the field name to blue.

Calculation Pane

The Calculation pane is where you build your calculation formula. You can either type the VB Script directly or use the Insert Function Wizard. See Building Calculation Formulas Using the Wizard for more information. Calculation Triggers defines the appropriate trigger for all tags that have a Collection Type set to Unsolicited rather than Polled.

There are several buttons associated with the Calculation pane.
  • The Wizard, Tag, and Time buttons are associated with the Insert Function Wizard and allow you to use the wizard to directly populate syntax within the Calculation pane.
  • The Test button allows you to verify the syntax within your calculation formula.
  • Use the Clear button to clear the Calculation pane.
  • The Window button expands the Calculation pane.