ODBC Data Collector

The ODBC Data Collector gathers data samples from a ODBC driver based source application and stores the corresponding data entries in the Historian Server or in Predix Time Series.

This collector supports collecting of all the Historian supported data types of data from the ODBC Source. This collector supports a distributed model, where the ODBC Source, the Historian Data Collector, and GE Historian software are installed on different machines. Typically, however, the collector is installed on the same computer as the ODBC Source and sends data to a remote GE Historian server.

The ODBC Data Collector uses unsolicited collection, whereby changes to the ODBC Source tags are detected, and are forwarded to the Historian server. Raw samples from the Historian Data Collector for ODBC Source are duplicated into the GE Historian data archive.

One GE Data Collector can collect data from a single ODBC Source. To collect from multiple ODBC Sources to an Historian archiver, you must install multiple collectors.

Note: The ODBC Driver for the SQL Server is required for the Historian Data Collector for installation; however, the ODBC Driver for SQL does not ship with Historian. If the ODBC Driver for SQL is not installed, the Historian Data Collector for ODBC will not connect to the ODBC server. If you install the Historian Data Collector for ODBC on a machine that does not contain the ODBC server, be sure to install the ODBC Driver for SQL on the machine with the Historian Data Collector for ODBC.
Limitations: If you want a domain user to use the ODBC collector, after you add an instance of a collector, when you later configure it, do not provide values in the User Name and Password fields. This is because ODBC Driver uses Windows authentication.