The Collector Maintenance Screen

In the Collector Maintenance page, you can add or delete collectors, start and stop data collection, and examine or modify configuration parameters for any collector in your system.

The Collector Maintenance page, shown in the following figure, lists all registered collectors at the left of the page.

The right side of the page displays parameter values for the collector you select by selecting on a name in the list.

Refer to the following topics for specific collector configuration:
  • Calculation collector
  • The File collector
  • iFIX Data Collectors
  • OPC Collector
  • OPC Classic Alarms and Events collector
  • Server-to-Server Collector
  • Simulation Data Collector
  • OSI PI Collector
  • OSI PI Distributor
  • OPCUA Data Collector
  • Windows Performance Collector
  • Wonderware Data Collector
  • ODBC Data Collector
  • MQTT Data Collector

Action Buttons

All sections in the Collector Maintenance page contain action buttons. Select a button to perform the action indicated by the name.

RecalculateRecalculate collector data for a specified period.
Add Tags Browse and add tags from this collector to the archiver.
UpdateApply all parameter changes you have made on any section in this page. To cancel changes and return to the original values or settings, open a different page and then return to the Collector Maintenance page.
DeleteDelete the selected collector. You can choose whether you want to delete only the collector or the collector and its tags.