Rename Tags Permanently

Historian allows you to permanently rename tag names. You can permanently rename a tag if you no longer want to read and write a tag by its previous name. Permanent rename makes the previous tag name available for new usage. For example, if you had permanently renamed Tag A to Tag B, then you could create a new tag with the name Tag A with no linkage to the previous tag.

Things you need to know when you are using the Permanent Rename feature:
  • If you permanently rename a tag, the tag name will be updated with the new tag name and the old tag name will be lost.
  • You can permanently rename tags multiple times, but only the latest tag name (new tag name) will be visible in the Tags list.
  • If you permanently rename a tag, the tag count does not increase.
  • Store and forward data will be lost if you do a permanent rename and the data is sent using the old tag name.
  • There will be loss of data during the process of permanently renaming a tag. Best practice is to stop the collector, permanently rename the tag, and then restart the collector.
  • If a trigger tag to other tags is permanently renamed, you need to re-assign the new trigger name to the affected tags.
  • You can use any of the following Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to permanently rename tags:
    • ihSDK
    • ihUAPI
    • Client Access API
    • Excel Add-in