Configure the Global Discovery Server

About this task

You can create a signed certificate on the Global Discovery Server to communicate more securely between CIMPLICITY and other OPC UA applications. These signed certificates can communicate with any client or server that also has its certificate signed by the GDS.
Important: Interactions with the Global Discovery Server require certain privileges. Please check the GDS Configuration Panel>Server Configuration tab to find the GDS user group settings for GDS privileges.


  1. Do the following in the CIMPLICITY OPC UA Certification Configuration dialog box to begin a GDS Server quick start configuration.
    A Check Use GDS.
    B Click GDS > Configure GDS on the CIMPLICITY OPC UA Certification Configuration menu bar.

    The security tool checks:

    Does the Agent have Connection information. Verifies if there are already credentials.
    Get Configured Endpoint. Opens a connection to the GDS.

    A Global Discovery Server Settings dialog box opens.

  2. Enter valid credentials in the Global Discovery Server Settings dialog box.   If the parameters have been saved there is no need to login again.
    GDS Endpoint The format is: opc.tcp:// MachineNameOrIPAddress :59410
    User Name/Password Valid administrator user name and password for the GDS.
  3. Click OK.