About the Advanced Viewer

A CIMPLICITY Advanced Viewer option is an OPC Client that can display point values that it collects from an OPC Server through CimView screens and the Point Control Panel without a running CIMPLICITY project.

Note: If the OPC Server communicates with software, e.g. the CIMPLICITY OPC server, rather than hardware, a CIMPLICITY project may be required to run. However, that is a server requirement, not the Advanced Viewer requirement. The  Advanced Viewer offers the project not running benefit when point values are reported by an OPC Server that talks with hardware. The Advanced Viewer will not work in demo mode.

Steps to set up and use the Advanced Viewer are as follows.

Step 1 Set up the OPC Server for the Advanced Viewer.
Step 2 Configure user interfaces for the Advanced Viewer.
Step 3 Set up each Viewer.