About the CIMPLICITY OPC UA Client

CIMPLICITY OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture) Client is a device communications module that can connect to OPC UA Servers and collect data from UA Variables.

OPC UA is a standard that is rapidly gaining acceptance among vendors of process automation products in response to the complexities of inter-operability among industrial control vendors. Developed by the OPC Foundation and meant to be platform independent, OPC UA can provide lower costs and increased productivity for end-users, systems integrators and process control vendors alike by focusing communications issues on a single technology and strategy. Like CIMPLICITY®, OPC UA builds on the success and strength of common industrial standards.

OPC UA defines a platform independent communication system that has a useful and adaptive Information Model for both industrial and business application needs.

Basic components for the CIMPLICITY OPC UA Client can include the following.

1 GE Control systems  (including OPC UA Servers)
2 OPC UA Server connected to other control systems
3 Network/Internet behind a firewall
4 OPC UA Client

Note: CIMPLICITY OPC UA Client  supports the basic numeric, BOOLEAN and string data types for OPC UA Data Access