The OPC UA Server implements OPC UA, which is a secure, scalable multi-platform (including portable ANSi C, Java and .NET) communication protocol that you can use for information modeling of your data and events.  

The OPC UA Server offers the following features:

  • Redundancy support
  • Heartbeat for connections in both directions (to indicate whether the other end is "alive"). This means that both server and client recognize interrupts.
  • Data buffering and transmitted data acknowledgements so that data isn't permanently lost just because the connection is lost.  Lost datagrams can be re-fetched.

The CIMPLICITY OPC UA Server is embedded into the CIMPLICITY core and is compliant with OPC UA v1.03. The OPC UA Server allows OPC UA clients to read, write, and subscribe to changes in CIMPLICITY runtime database points.

The following illustration shows a high level architecture of the OPC UA Server, integrated with point management process (PTMRP). PTMRP provides efficient access to real-time data, avoiding the additional overhead of accessing it from another process.