About Square D SY/MAX Communications

The Square D SY/MAX Communications option lets you exchange data between CIMPLICITY software and Square D family PLCs using Square D's SY/MAX protocol.

Communications between a CIMPLICITY computer and Square D PLCs via SY/MAX protocol is accomplished by connecting a serial port on the CIMPLICITY computer to a SY/NET Network Interface Module or the direct serial port on the first PLC in the network. Routing information, as defined in the Processor Instruction Bulletin for your PLC model(s), is used to route requests to the devices.

This protocol was validated using an NRD powered communication cable.

If you are using an RS-232 cable from the serial port on your computer, you will need an RS232 to RS422 converter box and an RS-422 cable to connect to the first PLC. The use of an isolated converter box is recommended.

You can connect up to 199 programmable controllers to a CIMPLICITY computer on a single network connection. Networks can also be linked.

This enabler supports the following CIMPLICITY features:

  • Polled reads at user defined rates
  • Triggered reads
  • Unsolicited data
  • Analog deadband
  • Alarm on communications failure

This enabler supports the following data types:

  • Signed 8, 16, and 32 bit integers
  • Unsigned 8, 16, and 32 bit integers
  • Floating point
  • Text
  • Arrays