S90 Triplex Communications Device Conversion

The S90 Triplex communications device is a powerful, easy-upgrade for the S90 TCP/IP device communications.

Step 1 Open the Convert Project to Series 90 Triplex dialog box.
Step 2 Select Conversion to S90 Triplex project options.
Step 3 Convert the Project to use an S90 Triplex communications device.
  • This utility will successfully convert most projects to use Series 90 Triplex.
  • The Series 90 Triplex option must be selected and loaded when CIMPLICITY is installed.
  • You cannot convert an Ethernet Global device (EGD) in your configuration the project will not be converted.
  • If you have a cable redundant Series 90 TCP/IP device communication interface with a cable redundant PLC each cable redundant PLC will be converted to Simplex PLC device model.

Please review the Series 90 Triplex documentation to determine additional setup requirements for your application.

  • Unused ports will be deleted as part of the conver sion.
  • Diagnostic points specific to the Series 90 Communication options are not modified.  They will be invalid points when the project is converted.