Configure a Self-Signed Certificate

About this task

After starting the OPC UA Security Configuration from the CIMPLICITY Workbench, the CIMPLICITY OPC UA Certificate Configuration dialog box appears.

The elements in this dialog box are described in the following table:

Field Description
Use GDS This check box is selected by default. For a self-signed certificate, clear this check box.  For a GDS Certificate, leave this check box selected.
Enable Security This button sets up secure OPC UA communications using certificates. The CIMPLICITY serverconfig.xml file location is displayed next to this button.
Display area Shows the progress and displays the results when the Enable Security button is clicked.
Check Status When using GDS, click to check the status of pending requests.
Advanced This button opens another screen to view and select configuration options.
Redundancy Selection Box Used to specify whether you are configuring the certification for the primary or secondary node. This option is available only for projects with Server Redundancy enabled.
Clear Trust List This check box allows you to clear the current Trust List. If unchecked, the GDS-assigned Trust List is added to the existing Trust List.
Toggle Log Used to toggle the Configuration Log window on and off.
Close Closes this page.

Self-signed Certificate Configuration

1 Clear the Use GDS check box.
2 Click Enable Security.

Result: A self-signed certificate that can be used by the CIMPLICITY OPC UA Client and Server is created. By default, the duration of the certificate is five years.

Advanced Configuration


Click Advanced to see more detailed information about the certificate settings and to directly select or create specific certificate instances.

A Self Signed Certificate Configuration Form opens enabling you to do the following.

A Select>Display an existing certificate.
B Create a new certificate.