About OMRON TCP/IP Communications

The OMRONâ TCP/IP Communications enabler supports C, CS1 and CV-Series programmable controllers in multi-drop configurations with the OMRON TCP/IP Communication Enabler acting as the active server. The OMRON TCP/IP Communications provides read and write access to the OMRON programmable controllers via TCP/IP over an Ethernet network. The CV-Series controller(s) must be equipped with OMRON Ethernet Module(s).

The OMRON TCP/IP Communication enabler supports the CV-mode protocol and command set, also referred to as FINS. The FINS commands are sent in Ethernet UDP datagram transactions. The enabler uses FINS commands to communicate directly with OMRON CV Series programmable controllers.

FINS commands also allow inter-network communications to networked OMRON programmable controllers. In this configuration, a CIMPLICITY project communicates to C- or CV Series programmable controllers via a primary CV Series programmable controller that acts as a gateway to other networks such as SYSMAC Net and SYSMAC LINK Net.

All communication commands are implemented as active/standby communications where the OMRON TCP/IP Communications enabler acts as the active responsible for requesting data from or writing data to OMRON programmable controller(s). Unsolicited data sent from OMRON programmable controllers is not supported.

This enabler supports the following CIMPLICITY features:

  • polled reads at user defined rates
  • Poll after setpoint
  • Triggered reads
  • Analog deadband
  • Alarm on communications failure
  • Server Redundancy configurations

This enabler supports the following data types:

  • Signed 8, 16, and 32 bit integers
  • Unsigned 8, 16, and 32 bit integers
  • Floating point
  • Text
  • Arrays