CIMPLICITY OPC Client software provides CIMPLICITY users with access to process data from OPC servers.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is an emerging standard that is rapidly gaining acceptance among vendors of process automation products in response to the complexities of inter-operability among industrial control vendors. Developed by the OPC Foundation and endorsed by Microsoft, OPC can provide lower costs and increased productivity for end-users, systems integrators, and process control vendors alike by focusing communications issues on a single technology and strategy. Like CIMPLICITY®, OPC builds on the success and strength of Microsoft® Windows operating systems and OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) technology.

OPC defines a single common interface for both C++ and Visual Basic programs and is based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) and the Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM). Through this interface, software as diverse as Microsoft BackOffice™,CIMPLICITY, and custom Visual Basic applications are able to access process data using the same methods.