About the OPC UA Security Configuration Tool

About this task

A major feature of OPC UA communications is the ability to enable security for all communications, which makes the system resistant to many forms of cyber-attacks.

OPC UA security uses public key cryptography to ensure secure communication channels.

In order to allow OPC UA Clients to securely communicate with OPC UA Servers, it is necessary for both the:


  1. Client application to accept the Server as a legitimate Server
  2. Server to accept the Client as a legitimate Client.

    The OPC UA Security Configuration Tool enables you quickly set up a secure communication between CIMPLICITY and OPC UA Clients and Servers.

    CIMPLICITY acts as an OPC UA Client when an OPC UA client device is added to a CIMPLCITY project.

    CIMPLICITY acts as an OPC UA Server when the OPC UA server is enabled in the Project Properties.

    For secured communication, the OPC UA security configuration is done on both the OPC UA Server and Client in a CIMPLICITY project.

    The OPC UA security configuration is specific to a computer. If CIMPLICITY installed on another computer, then security must be re-configured even if the project directory is copied.

    Important: The CIMPLICITY server name can be no more than 15 characters long to use secured OPC UA communications.

    1 Start Certificate Configuration
    2 Configure a Self-Signed Certificate
    3 Configure the Global Discovery Server
    4 Configure a GDS-signed Certificate