About Mitsubishi A-Series Serial Communications

The Mitsubishi ® A-Series Serial communications supports Mitsubishi A-Series programmable controllers in point-to-point and multi-drop configurations with one server device where the CIMPLICITY Mitsubishi A-Series Serial Communication enabler acts as the server. The Mitsubishi A-Series Serial Communications provides read and write access to the Mitsubishi programmable controllers via the Mitsubishi dedicated ASCII protocol using format 2 as documented in the Mitsubishi COMPUTER LINK MODULE Users Manual.

The Mitsubishi A-Series programmable controllers support Computer Link Modules designed to allow a computer serial access to data in the programmable controllers (some A-Series CPU models have built in Computer Link port interfaces). Depending on the CPU and/or the Computer Link Module, you can make either RS-232 point to point connections or RS-422 multi-drop connections. You can connect up to 32 Mitsubishi programmable controllers to a host computer via multi-drop RS-422 line. Each programmable controller connected to the host can act as a gateway to MELSECNET or MELSECNET/B and provide access to the programmable controllers connected to this proprietary Mitsubishi network. Up to 64 programmable controllers on a MELSECNET(/B) can be accessed through each gateway.