Smarteye Electronic Assembly Supported Data Types

The Smarteye Electronic Assembly communicates using a change-driven, message oriented protocol. The Smarteye Electronic Assembly device communication enabler processes the SEA messages and uses them to update a virtual device with five regions of memory.

The first four regions each have one location for each reader on the SEA.


Label values are available in one numeric and 12 string formats. Eight of the string formats include a conveyance system ID.


Error values are available as a raw error numbers or translated into error messages.


Diagnostic values correspond to reader calibration values. They are displayed as strings.

Conveyance System Ids

Conveyance System IDs are stored internally in the enabler and are used to build some of the label string formats.

For example, if a label string format includes the conveyance system ID "ABCD" as a suffix, and a label "1234" passes the reader, the format gives a value of "1234ABCD".

System Data

The System region has only two locations: the poll point and the command point.

  • Poll Point

Each time the Poll point is polled, the enabler queries the SEA for new data and updates other region values with unsolicited data. The value of the Poll point is the number of responses received on one poll cycle.

  • Command Point

Data written to the Command point is parsed as a command to the SEA or a Smarteye reader. The corresponding command is issued to the SEA.