Advanced Configuration Requirements

The operation of the Smarteye Electronic Assembly Communication enabler can be controlled through global parameters. This section discusses the global parameters used by the enabler and their settings.


By default, all Warning messages are logged to the project's Status Log file.

To eliminate or redirect Warning messages, add the following line to your global parameters file:



<port> is the name of the port used by the enabler.

<log_file_location> identifies the file to which the Warning messages will be redirected. You can enter one of the following in this field:

  • COR_STATUS-Warning messages are logged to the projects Status Log (this is the default).
  • STD_OUT-Warning messages are logged to the processes standard output file
  • NONE-Warning messages are not logged.
  • <port>_MODE
  • <port>_POLL_LIMIT
  • <port>_RESTART_SEA