System Sentry Event Manager Screen

About this task

The Event Manager process, configured through the Event Editor, runs actions in response to system events. These actions can be simple set points or user written Basic Control Engine Scripts. The Basic Control Engine User Interface (BCE User Interface) can be used to obtain a detailed view of event processing within the Event Manager.

This Event Manger Screen provides a measurement of how the Event Manager process is performing.

guide:  Guidelines for using the Event Manager screen include:
  • Review Point Requests/Sec for the number of requests being sent to the Point Manager per Second. The Event Manager point requests are one of the following:
  • Set points that are issued by the Event Manager or your script
  • Requests to read a point value (through the BCE PointGet command.)

This counter is directly dependent on your Event Manager application.

  • Check the CPU Usage to see how much processing time the Event Manager is using. Typically, this value will not be steady. Instead, it should reflect the processing performed by the Event Manager when it has work to do.

In a typical application, the CPU Usage should drop to zero periodically. This indicates that there is enough CPU bandwidth for the Event Manager to complete its work in response to factory events. An Event Manager that never idles, is an Event Manager that is constantly busy and prone to fall behind in event processing.

  • If you see a large spike in CPU Utilization along with a large spike in Point Requests/Sec check to see if a script is polling a point value in a loop with little or no delay.

To correct the spikes:


  1. Identify the script though the BCE UI.
  2. Correct the logic in the script to use the On Change notification as opposed to busy polling.

    Polling is a drain on system resources and will prevent you from getting the best performance from your project.

    Note: The performance data for the Basic Control Engine includes all scripts that are run under the control of the Basic Control Engine.