System Sentry at a Glance

The System Sentry provides a variety of tools to address your requirements and level of system expertise.

The tools that, when configured, enable you to knowledgeably maintain and diagnose your system include:

  • System Sentry pre-configured screens that enable you to diagnose a CIMPLICITY project's performance, either for maintenance purposes or to find the source of a bottleneck.
  • Customized CimView screens that display data for any process in your system. Integrated CIMPLICITY power tools including:
    • Data logging
    • Alarming
    • Paging

When you activate the System Sentry, you give yourself this flexible access to data that is collected by several counters in your system.

Your Windowssystem will have at least two types of counters:

  • CIMPLICITY counters that are installed when you install the System Sentry.
  • Windows Performance counters

Other types of counters include counters that come with:

  • Remote Access Server (RAS)
  • SQL Server
  • Internet Information Server (IIS)

The System Sentry enables you to take full advantage of any of these counters, as well as any other that might be on your system. In addition to simply opening the pre-configured screens, you can create any or all of the working tools listed above.

The CIMPLICITY tools that you use for configuration are the tools with which you are already familiar. They are:

  • Device points
  • Points by address

You configure one or the other to report data from a specific instance of a specific process, for example, the percent of free space on your logical disk's D drive. The System Sentry provides you with an easy to use Address Builder dialog box that you open when you configure either a device point or point by address. It is through this dialog box that you choose the instance of the process you want to monitor.