System Sentry Screens

The System Sentry screens enable you to view the actual statistics of your system's CPU memory and disk space usage in addition to the details of the current CIMPLICITY project's processes.

The System Sentry screens help take the guesswork out of keeping your CIMPLICITY projects running at peak performance, in addition diagnosing bottlenecks that might occur.

The System Sentry screens enable you to view the performance of CIMPLICITY objects by:

  • Glancing at visual indicators, including thermometers, gauges and trend lines
  • Reviewing the data in numbers and percents

This capability makes it easy for you to:

  • Monitor each component of CIMPLICITY to maintain highly efficient performance
  • Spot bottlenecks before a problem occurs
  • Provide data that helps you find the source of a bottleneck if one occurs

The System Sentry divides the data into the following screens:

Overview screen.
Processes screen.
CimView screen.
Point Manager screen.
Alarm Manager screen.
Logging screen.
Point Logging screen.
Data Logging screen.
Event Manager screen.
Derived Points screen.
User Registration screen.
Router screen.
Devices screen
Ports (Devcom) screen