System Sentry Power Tools

About this task

The System Sentry takes monitoring capability to a new level by enabling you to create valuable customized tools that:

  • Alert you if a selected instance in your system is exceeding its normal limits.
  • Monitor objects other than CIMPLICITY objects that reside on your system, either on a local or remote computer.

By integrating the System Sentry with CIMPLICITY power tools, you can create:

  • Logs to record performance data, including baseline performance.
  • Alarms to audibly and/or visibly alert users that an instance has gone into alarm state.
  • Pagers to page you if you are away from the system and an instance goes into alarm state.
  • CimView screens–to display instances that are on your system in addition to the CIMPLICITY counters. You can dedicate entire or partial screens to your custom configuration.

You can create these power tools by doing configurations with which you are already familiar. You simply:


  1. Use the familiar CIMPLICITY dialog boxes along with a new easy–to–use System Sentry Address builder to create a System Sentry:
    • Device point.
    • Point by address.

    Whether you choose a device point or point by address depends on the use to which it will be put. The same advantages and limitations apply to System Sentry device points and points by address that apply to any others in a CIMPLICITY project.

    Note: In order to improve the performance, invalid points return a value of zero; they are not marked as invalid.

  2. Continue configuring the CIMPLICITY power tools the same way you would for any other device point or point by address.
    Tip: Use these tools to monitor:
    • Local computers
    • Remote computers
    • SQL server primary and secondary computers