System Sentry Processes Screen

The Process screen displays information about each CIMPLICITY process in the project being monitored.

guide:  Guidelines for reading the Processes screen include:
  • Use the CPU utilization views for each process, particularly when you suspect excessive CPU utilization and need to determine which process, or processes, is causing it.

Views include:

  • A Max Capture for CPU Utilization on the bar chart. The Max Capture indicator shows the highest reading since the screen has been open.

To track when a process is using excessive memory:

  1. Leave the screen open for a period of days to capture the spikes.
  2. Click the Max line at regular intervals to display the date and time at which maximum utilization occurred.


  • A one minute trend chart that provides a graphic comparison of the percent CPU utilization by each process.
  • The actual percent CPU utilization currently and at the trend chart slider, for each process.
  • Check each process' Memory Utilization as a percent of available system memory on the bar chart if the system is running low on memory. This can help you determine which process, or processes, is using the memory.

If any you require more information for any process, click its button at the bottom of the screen. A screen dedicated to that process will open.