The System Sentry comes with several CIMPLICITY counters. These counters provide the hard data that enables you to numerically diagnose the different components in your CIMPLICITY projects.

These numbers provide you with the tools to:

  • Knowledgeably track a project's performance.
  • Make a project run more efficiently.
  • Avert potential bottlenecks.

The counters include accumulated totals, per second performance indicators and other statistics for the following CIMPLICITY objects:

  • HMI Alarm Manager.
  • HMI CimView.
  • HMI Device Communication (Devcom).
  • HMI Device.
  • HMI IPC.
  • HMI Logging Table.
  • HMI Point App.
  • HMI Point Manager.
  • HMI PRT DS Counters
  • HMI Router.
  • HMI Router Port.
  • HMI User Registration.
  • Levels in a system in which counters operate.