CIMPLICITY Counters' Log Files

The collection of the CIMPLICITY counters occurs whenever the router process (w32rtr.exe) is running.

Data is stored in log files. When the log file has reached a configured size it is closed and all the log files are rolled over.

The counter collection, including the number of files kept, is controlled by a configuration file.

The log files generated by the CIMPLICITY counter collection process are in the CIMPLICITY Log directory.



There are two variations on the log file names




PERFDATA_ indicates that the file is a CIMPLICITY counter log file

# indicates when the file was created static to the other PERFDATA_ files. The newest file is PERFDATA_1.

_DATA file contains the actual values recorded.

_HEADERS file is used to match a column form the DATA file to a specific counter.

These files are in a comma-separated format (CSV) and can be loaded into Excel.