About Recipes

The CIMPLICITY Recipes software option enables you to create and manage recipe data for your production processes. The Recipes interface consists of a spreadsheet format in which you enter the configuration data for each of your recipes. This format allows you to group similar products together.

  • Recipes overview.
  • Recipe configuration.

Recipes Overview

Using the Recipes Configuration you can:

  • Create and manage recipe parameters, recipes, and maps in a spreadsheet format.
  • Import and export recipe groups to and from CSV file formats.
  • Archive recipe groups.
  • Reconcile recipe groups automatically to accommodate changes in the group's structure and layout.
  • Compare recipes.
  • Upload recipes manually.
  • Review and modify parameters and values.
  • Download recipes manually.

Recipe objects can also be embedded in CimView screens (using OCX Controls). These objects enable you to:

  • Upload and download recipes manually.
  • Review and modify parameters manually.

Recipe Configuration

Recipe overview and configuration topics include the following.

  • Open a RecipeConfig window.
  • RecipeConfig window overview.
  • Recipe group configuration.
  • Recipe control configuration.