System Sentry Router Screen

The Router provides communications channels between the various CIMPLICITY processes and performs communication across the network to other routers.

The Router screen provides vital information about the efficiency of these channels.

guide:  Guidelines for reading the Router screen include:
  • Make sure the Overflows counter is zero. Overflows mean that inter-process messages are being dropped and indicate that data loss is occurring in your project. Typically this means that too much data is being sent too fast to an application. It cannot keep up with the data rate. Important data, such as alarm information may be lost.

To reduce the messaging load on the project, first identify the offending application by examining the overflow counters for the various ports. This is best accomplished through the Windows operating system Performance Monitor.

  • Make sure Retries/Sec and Accumulated Totals–Retries are zero, or very close. Non-zero values indicate bottlenecks in inter-process communication.
  • Review Sent/Sec and Receive/Sec for a general idea of the amount of inter-process communication that is occurring. Typically, the Sent and Received numbers should be close.
  • Monitor the RR Out counter in the Messages box. This number represents the number of Response Require Messages that are outstanding. The number will change as your system runs, but should not grow without bounds.
  • Contact GE Intelligent Platforms technical support immediately if:
  • You cannot resolve a reported Overflow
  • Retries/Sec or Retries Accumulated Totals are not zero, or very close to zero
  • RR Out grows without bounds