System Sentry CimView Screen

CimView is the graphics process that displays your screens at runtime.

The CimView screen displays CimView performance information.

Note: Since the System Sentry uses CimView, the numbers you see include the System Sentry's use in monitoring the process.
guide:  Guidelines for reading the CimView screen include:
  • Check CPU Usage to make sure CimView's use is in an acceptable range.
  • Look at Point Resp/Sec if CimView's CPU usage is excessive. This counter indicates the number of point updates per second that are coming into CimView. If this number is large (over 100) and CPU Utilization is high, it may indicate that too much data is being sent to CimView.

Solutions to too much data being sent to CimView include:

  • Reduce the number of screens in the cache.
  • Reduce the number of points on the screens.
  • Reduce the scan rate of the points in Device Communications.
  • Verify that device points are configured as On Change, not On Scan.